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擬將通識教育部併入CEDARS 下月將舉辦公開論壇


學生事務長Dr Eugenie Leung今日發出電郵,表示計劃於2017年8月通識教育部(General Education Unit)併入學生發展及資源中心(CEDARS),並將於四月十日舉辦論壇邀請同學討論。

電郵中指,合併計劃由身兼通識教育總監的副校長(教與學)何立仁全力支持,又指將通識教育部併入CEDARS將帶來協同效應,並有助協調人力資源及辦公設施。現時建議將通識教育部變成CEDARS的一個活動小組(Programme Team),並將與CEDARS 內的四大部門合作。

學生事務長將與通識教育助理總監Dr Chi Chung Wong 於四月十日舉辦論壇介紹初步方案,亦邀請同學於四月十日前將意見電郵至。


時間:下午5:45 至下午7:15
地點:KKLG 109
學生事務長 Dr Eugenie Leung
通識教育助理總監 Dr Chi Chung Wong

Dear Students,

You are invited to a Student Forum to discuss the integration of the General Education Unit (GEU) into the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) in August 2017.

Date: 10 April (Monday)
Time: 5:45 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
Venue: KKLG 109
Dr Eugenie Leung, Dean of Student Affairs
Dr Chi Chung Wong, Assistant Director of General Education

With the full support of Professor Ian Holliday, Vice-President (Teaching & Learning) and Director of General Education, this integration will bring a more synergistic approach of developing the GE Programme and CEDARS co-curricular activities, with more coordinated resource allocation especially in terms of human resources and office facilities. This will enable the two offices to turn into one co-curricular learning hub for student engagement and whole-person development.

It is proposed that the GEU will turn into the Programme team in CEDARS and has a cross-over with all four current sections (Campus Life, Careers & Placement, Counselling & Person Enrichment, Student Development) in CEDARS. We hope that with this integration, we will foster strategic developments in arts and cultural experiences, green lifestyle, local excursions, student engagement, community service, thematic public lectures, social-cultural integration programmes, and diversity and inclusion.

We will present our preliminary plan on the day and hope to hear your comments and suggestions at this forum. You may also send in your comments to before 10 April 2017.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Eugenie Leung
Dean of Student Affairs

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